fearless action, physical indulgence, and elegant design

Chris Ferris & Dancers


35-06 88th Street, #5G

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Chris Ferris & Dancers

photo: Devin Kirschner

phone: 718-672-6965

E-mail: chris@chrisferrisdance.com

photo: Steven Schreiber

Proximity Of Clouds, 5 min. excerpts, click here to see on vimeo

Joyce Soho, NYC; April 30, May 1 & 2, 2010


This full evening, atmospheric and moving work is choreographed by Chris Ferris and takes the sculptural sets by Warren Kloner into hand and motion.  These sculptures hang, swing, slash, glow, and illuminate creating ethereal forms, a forest of moving architecture, and corporeal presences.  Original music is performed live and recorded by Loren Kiyoshi Dempster, Andrew Drury, & Jeff Kerestes. The dancers defining and consuming space are Katie Aggen, Erin Delucia Benson, Melissa Brading, Grace DiLorenzo, Dana Doggett, Haley Hauglum, Kristen Mangione, and Hannah Seidel.  Costumes are by Patti Gilstrap and lighting by Carrie Wood.

Circuitous Body - Vimeo link click here

a collaboration of music & dance: by Chris Ferris & Dancers & Loren Dempster

at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY on April 22, 2012


choreography: Chris Ferris

composer: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster


dancers: Melissa Brading, Grace DiLorenzo, Haley Hauglum,

Kristen Mangione, & Alexandra Rose


musicians: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (cello), Leanne Darling (viola), & Helen Yee (violin, yangqin), & Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer)


costumes: Patti Gilstrap

lighting design: Gillian Wolpert

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Chris Ferris & Dancers has been continually and unstoppably creating and producing new dances in the New York area for over 25 years.  This is choreography based on an interest in exploring movement from a sculptural, dynamically varied, and emotional point of view. For the love of extreme physicality and its expression, action is created that transforms bodies and space.  This movement has the potential to be composed as a painting or piece of music.  Structures and designs may be intricate yet at the same time human as bodies are repelled, collide, and bound through space. 

photo: Matthew Murphy

Urban Pastoral (video by Devin Kirschner) to see on Vimeo click here


Urban Pastoral is a spontaneous outdoor dance by Chris Ferris & Dancers with 10 sculptural lights by Warren Kloner and live music by Loren Kiyoshi Dempster and/or Brian Shankar Adler.  These hand held lights illuminate, swing, slash, and dot the landscape after sunset.  Dancers involved are Leah Antonellis, Corinna Brown, Samantha Carmean, Erin DeLucia-Benson, Kristina Aurelia Harris, Gianna Lafronza, Avery Lincoln, Kim Machaby, Hannah Seidel, and Diane Lynn SkerbecChris Ferris is the director of this improvisational work. Performances in this video were at the Tobacco Warehouse at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Central Park at the stone circle near Turtle Pond on Sept. 14 and 15, 2013.


Chris Ferris & Dancers present Urban Pastoral this Spring 2014! 

This is dance outdoors with 10 dancers, 10 sculptural lights, and live music.  It is free and fun! Come and join us on Weds. July 16 at 8:30, Central Park. More information at Upcoming Performances