fearless action, physical indulgence, and elegant design

Chris Ferris & Dancers


35-06 88th Street, #5G

Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Chris Ferris & Dancers

photo: Devin Kirschner

phone: 718-672-6965

E-mail: chris@chrisferrisdance.com

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Chris Ferris & Dancers has been continually and unstoppably creating and producing new dances in the New York area for over 36 years.  This is choreography based on an interest in exploring movement from a sculptural, dynamically varied, and emotional point of view. For the love of extreme physicality and its expression, action is created that transforms bodies and space.  This movement has the potential to be composed as a painting or piece of music.  Structures and designs may be intricate yet at the same time human as bodies are repelled, collide, and bound through space. 

photo: Eric Bandiero

Three Point Perspective (quick view) - Vimeo link click here

choreography: Chris Ferris

composer: Loren Dempster


dancers: Victoria Ellis, Bethany Logan, and Emily Relyea-Spivack


lighting design: Joe Levasseur

Roulette, Brooklyn NY - February 2018

FOR MORE VIDEOS SEE Unquantifiable, Proximity of Clouds, and Circuitous Body pages.

Chris Ferris & Dancers - Unquantifiable, Vimeo link click here.

choreography: Chris Ferris

music director/composer: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster

dancers: Meghan Connolly, Anastasia Ellis, Victoria Ellis, Vanessa Ferranti, Bethany Logan, and Diane Skerbec

musicians: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (Cello, Computer), Jon Hanrahan (Piano, Melodica), Gabriel Peterson (Saxophone), Kyle Stalsberg (Viola)

lighting design: Joe Levasseur

location: Roulette, Brooklyn NY date: 2/17/19

SEASONAL-JUST IN TIME, Vimeo link click here.

Chris Ferris & Dancers

choreography: Chris Ferris

music: Loren Kiyoshi Dempster

dancers: Julia Asher, Alli Bradley, Kelly Ireland, Rachael Venner

location: Green Space Studio, Long Island City, NY

date: 11/15/22